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Troy shares real-life podcasting tips and tricks as he runs Front Porch Recording Studios in Berea, Ky.

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Mar 29, 2023

Podfest Global 2023 and Hilda Labrada Gore ( have made a big impact on me. Here is the one tip that Hilda shared that has made me think more about you that any other...

Mar 21, 2023

As a podcaster, your words have power. In this episode I talk about the personal responsibility associated with that power. What do you think?

Mar 14, 2023

Commit to things before you know how to do it. Welcome to the world of Just In Time Learning. Here is a link to a video I committed to before knowing how to do it:

Mar 6, 2023

Wow, here are seven resources for sound clips for your podcasting work. Listen to the episode for three reasons why you should have music in your podcast.